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 In dynamics CRM, user can see activities related to a record by clicking left navigation and it shows all the activities (Phone, Task, email etc.). However there is no way user can see activities of related entities at one place.
It can be achieved using Activity Summary grid.

It is a Silverlight application, built on top of a base solution from CodePlex by marekhuk. The grid displays all the activities, it displays activity preview, attachments on selection. Activity and attachments can be opened from the grid.

It can be deployed on on-premise, online versions of CRM.


Activity Summary uses rollup query which display all the activities related to system entities, see below table. In order to display activities for other entities, you need modify the below code. Presently, it is display activities from neu_project entity

  • Supported entity

    Target entity


    account or contact


    account or contact




    account or contact


    account or contact


    account or contact


    account or contact


    account or contact


    account or contact

Code is pretty self-explainatory, you can upgrade it to support related entities.

Change below code to support it for custom or other than above related entities. Update "RollupProjectActivities" and its related method.


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